Monday 05/09

Polyvalent hall and adjacent space of Fabra i Coats


Marta Roma & Antony da Cruz

An original and different new sonority duo. daBUMBUS Born in Barcelona and still traveling around the world with it’s music sound a songs, It’s a trip through Brazilian music , with the added value of an interesting sonority  created by the singular interaction  and the know-how of  both members. 


Marta Roma: Violonchelo
Antony Dacruz: Electric Bass

Bar Colombia
Rambla de Fabra i Puig, 1


Celebrating la Fusa
Carme Canela i Jurandir Santana

“Celebrating La Fusa”, Carme Canela y Jurandir Santana review and revisit the legendary Vinyl : “Vinicius de Moraes en La Fusa” (with Maria Creuza y Toquinho),. Recorded in Buenos Aires in 1970. Carme Canela and  Jurandir Santana offer us a new approach , a refreshed vision to the work that opened  the door  to a world that gladly welcomed Brazilian music


Carme Canela: Voice
Jurandir Santana: Guitar


Brazilian Jazz Party
Andrea Motis & SAJB i Mirla Riomar

After an  initial greeting from Clemente Baena Soares, Consul of Brazil in Barcelona

9 Jazzing Festival y 4.º Jazz Education Stage  closing concert in wich Andrea Motis and The SAJB will  play three specially for the ocasión arrengements by J. Monné

Followed by   singer and composer  from Salvador de Bahia Mirla Riomar showing us the ancestral social roots  of Brazilian music. Mirla proposes a Dynamic and visual show using dance as a mean of expression. A true trip to the very heart of Brazil.


Andrea Motis: Voice and trumpet
Sant Andreu Jazz Band: Dir. Joan Chamorro

Mirla Riomar: Voice and percussion
Marcel Vallès: Guitar
Antony da Cruz: Electric Bass
Jefferson Otto: Drums
Crá Rosa: Percusion


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