Jazz Education Stage
Friday 02/09

Espai Bota de la Fabra i Coats

  • Admission and welcome to participants and attendees


  • Presentation of teachers and general rules and procedures of the Jazz Education Stage


  • Joan Chamorro : Methodology and Philosophy of the SAJB

    11:30h – 12:30h – Masterclass

  • Jurandir Santana: Brazilian Music and it’s Mate the Guitar.

    12:45-14:00h  – Masterclass– Polyvalent hall

  • Joan Chamorro: “Jazzing Big Band”

    12:45-14:00h – Small groups team work and improvisation (open to all tose of any age who would like to work with J. Chamorro) – Espai Bota

  • Lunch Time


  • Jam Session


  • Jefferson Otto: Drums and Brazilian Percusión

     16:00h-17:15h – Workshop 4 – Polyvalent hall.

  • Joan Chamorro: “Jazzing Big Band” (Resuming previous session)

    16:00h-17:15h – Workshop 5 – Espai Bota

  • Brazilian Music Sung and Spoken

    18:00-19:00h – Conference by Miguel Ángel Fernández (Musical journalist) y Vaudí Cavalcanti (Musician) – Fabra i Coats Hall.

Saturday 03/09

Espai Bota de la Fabra i Coats

  • Josep Traver: “Brazilian Music and Guitar”, rhythms, chord commonly used and disposition, repertoire and main performers.

    10:00h-11:15h – Masterclass

  • Èlia Bastida: “Swinging With Your Violin”, introduction to Swing and Bebop for string instruments, beginning through imitation and hearing of jazz great figures

    11:30h-12:45h – Classe Masterclass

  • Vanessa Moreno

    13:00-14:15h – Classe Masterclass

  • Lunch Time


  • Jam Session with Dmitry Baevsky


  • Joan Chamorro: “Jazzing Big Band” (Resuming previous session)

    16:00-17:30h – Classe Masterclass

  • Dimitry Baevsky

    17:30-18:45h – Classe Masterclass

Sunday 04/09

Espai Bota de la Fabra i Coats

  • Individual introduction of the different projects and final show of the Jazz Education Stage


    CPS Elementary Jazz Band de Cincinnatti – USA
    Dir. Isidore Rudnick 

    Joven Borondón Big Band de Gran Canaria – ESP
    Dir. José Vera

    Demonstration of the work performed throughout the Jazz Education Stage

  • Big band Joan Chamorro Concert

    10:00-12:00h – Preparatory Rehearsal

  • Big band Borondon de la Fàbrica la Illeta de Gran Canària i CPS Elementary Jazz Band de Cincinnati-USA Director: Dr. Isidore Rudnick

    2 themes performed by all the participants JES
    Diploma awarding and  foto finish.



Monday 05/09

Espai Bota de la Fabra i Coats

  • Talking with Carme Canela
    16:00-17:15h – Masterclass