El Jazzing Festival al Periódico de Catalunya

Aquesta és la doble pàgina que ens ha dedicat el Periódico de Catalunya avui, 25 de setembre de 2014. Sota la foto trobaràs 2 arxius PDF per poder llegir la notícia.

El Periódico, 25 de setembre

Llegeix la notícia: primera pàgina i segona pàgina


  1. We have been following this amazing group of young people since we saw them and were thrilled by them two or three years ago at Pera in Gerona. We have seen them perform live seven or eight times in Catalunya and France, and found many of their performances on youtube . I cannot tell you how much I admire them and their mentor , Joan Chamorro for the super quality of the music they produce, almost exactly the styles of jazz I most enjoy . I do not remember seeing performances that I have found better or more thrilling for many many years. I believe that the Chamorro group with Andrea Motis will be in London before very long. I am sorry that I shall probably not be able to see them there but wish them every success. Perhaps the whole band can come over some time!!

    • Thank you so much, Ian, for your words and enthusiasm. Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro will be playing in London tomorrow, september 30 and on october 1st at Pizza Exprés, at 20:30p.m.

      I forward your message to Joan, he will be very pleased.

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