We inaugurate the Jazz Education Stage


THE PRESENT, TODAY, NOW is all we have. That is why we should live it, or try it, with passion, love, respect, honesty, being aware that the way we live today will change our tomorrow and that our actions have repercussions on our environment. To make our lives the history we want them to be, because each moment is unique, unrepeatable, like every pupil, every class, every rehearsal or every concert…

This is my philosophy of life and my way of approaching teaching.

It is very important the methodology in the learning of the music in the children so that they can feel from the first moment that the music forms part of their lives and that it contributes something positive to them.


From many parts of the world they ask me to explain my work with the Sant Andreu Jazz Band and I have done so in Stanford, Mexico DC, Marciac, Medellin, Vigliano Biellese, Stockholm and many other cities both outside and inside the country.

This is the reason why the JAZZ EDUCATION STAGE has born as part of the Jazzing Festival.

Four days of immersion in our philosophy and methodology, with concerts, jam sessions, debates, classes, paejazzing, lindy hop… We will enjoy wonderful musicians who have come specifically to share their music and experience with us.

This first JAZZ EDUCATION STAGE coincides with the sixth edition of the Jazzing Festival and the 13 years of the SANT ANDREU JAZZ BAND and we are very happy about it.

The important thing is the way, not the goal. Do you want to walk with us?

Joan Chamorro


How functions the JAZZ EDUCATION STAGE?
The Jazz Education Stage will realise during the days 5,6,7 and 8 of September 2019, are 4 days of immersion at the methodology and the philosophy utilised by Joan Chamorro with the Santandreu Jazz Band.

Thought for:

1- Schools of musician and or teachers interested at our way to understand the learning of the musician, at concrete of the jazz
2- Youngsters or no as young musicians that want to enter at the wonderful world of the jazz
3 – Beginners with few years of survey that need new ideas to live the musician of a fun and ardent way concurrently, through the jazz and the improvisation
4 -Musicians of all the levels that want to approach at meeting us and if it can share musician with us and with our guests: Scott Hamilton, Dick Oatts, Joe Magnarelli, Fredrik Noren, Andrea Motis, Joan Codina, Elia Bastida, Joan Mar Sauqué …
5 -Persons interested at the pedagogy and at the musician in general that it want to meet us closely, chat, debate on the experience of musicians, etc.
6 -Simply for all those persons that want to live 4 intense days of talks, debates, open assays, collective classes, concerts, Jamm sessions, presentations of projects, live recording sessions

The stage is in the Jazzing Festival, therefore the educational or formative activities during the day are at the schedule that marks the calendar, among him 10.00h and the 19.30h roughly, and later will be the concerts, and the jam sessions that are of free access.

The planning general of classes is subject at changes but continuums in schedule and with the same activities.

The students can take the instrument, although they will not touch at all the classes is very recommended if at some time desires to take part actively.

All the time that are not teaching hours  of the stage, is to say: eat, dinner and concerts, the minors must to be accompanied by his parents or tutors, if they are minor. If for you stay you at concerts is a problem, can not to do it or do it at some concert at concrete, although assist at the concerts forms part of the dynamics of Joan Chamorro’s work .

Are you coming from outside of Barcelona? Where to sleep and where to eat in the district of Sant Andreu-Barcelona?
There are many options for sleeping, a good option near the place and where some of our parents will be staying at affordable prices at this hostel: Unite Hostel Barcelona.
There are many places for the Sant Andreu area for lunch / dinner and for all prices, there will be no problems, but it is important that you reserve a room because Barcelona is a small city with a lot of demand.
The trips each one manages depending on where it comes from. We do not have a contracted package.
The place where the classes and concerts are held is at the Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/fabraicoats/es.

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