Sant Andreu Jazz Band &  Friends

Thursday 21 de setember 19.30h Plaça Comerç (square city)
Thursday 28 de setember 20.30h SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre

The Sant Andreu Jazz Band is a band born in the district of Sant Andreu (Barcelona) in 2006 under the direction of Joan Chamorro. Eleven years of illusion, work and magical results found in 7 works in CD and DVD format, in a film (“A film about kids & music” by director Ramon Tort), and in 9 albums from The collection of “Joan Chamorro presents” and starring some of the young talents that make up the Sant Andreu Jazz Band (Andrea Motis, Eva Fernández, Magalí Datzira, Rita PaYès, Marc Martín, Joan Mar Sauqué ), The project Màgia de la Veu and Èlia Bastida

For this band more than 50 young people between 7 and 21 years have passed. Eleven years of enthusiasm, work and an international projection that motivates important national and international musicians to collaborate in the project of these small great artists.

This year they will appear at the festival with a repertoire specifically renewed for the occasion and will be accompanied by, among others, the figures of: Perico Sambeat, Joe Magnarelli, Christoph Mallinger, Fredrik Norén, Andrea Motis.


Fredrik Norén

Thursday 28 setember 20.30h SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre


Director of the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra and main trumpet player, has worked with jazz musicians in his country, Sweden, and with international stars such as Natalie Cole, Bob Hope, Ann-Margret and Susana Rinaldi.

He works on the promotion of jazz music among young people in the Swedish Jazz Federation and in the promotion and dissemination of jazz in the regions of his country Sweden, with the Regional Music Institute of Västernorrland as a Jazz Consultant.


Víctor de Diego Organ Trio

Thursday 21st September 20.30h Bar Versalles


Formed by renowned musicians residing in Barcelona, each of them with a long professional career that share the concern of investigating the loudness that saxophone-organ-drum training offers.

The group plays a repertoire that combines music with the great Jazz composers, with original themes, always with the idea of enjoying this sound-rhythmic game that offers such instrumentation.

Victor de Diego, tenor saxophone and soprano, Abel Boquera, organ, Carlos Falanga, drums.

David Mengual Resolut Trio

Thursday 21st September 21.30 – Bar Versalles

Resolut TrioIn this new adventure, Mengual is surrounded by two of the most creative and talented musicians of the new music scene in the country: Joan Mas, energetic saxophonist and personal who, apart from a myriad of projects such as his Quartet with Jon Robles, or his participation in the Big Band of Granollers, Barcelona Big Latin, the sextet of Toni Vaquer or the Skunk group, is also a founding member of the Free Spirits Big Band as the first saxo. And with the drummer and composer Arnau Obiols, a musician active in the fields of jazz, improvisation and revision of traditional music, a component of projects such as Folk Souvenir, Rufaca Folk Orchestra, Alenky, Pol Omedes Trio, the collective Free Art Ensemble, and as leader and composer of: Arnau Obiols Pirine (Aladid Records 2013) and Arnau Obiols Libèrrim (AR, 2015).

Resolut trio.

It is a statement of intent on the one hand claiming no border ephemeral music aesthetics, and secondly, to propose a musical journey or experience in which the live energy, lyricism and especially sincerity.

Joan Mas – Saxo alt & soprano, Arnau Obiols – Drums and toys, David Mengual – Double bass

Tribute Dave Pell’s Music

Tuesday September 26, 20:00 and 22.00 – Jamboree Jazz Club

dave pellJamboree Jazz CLub Barcelona

The Jazzing makes an incursion into a emblematic  jazz club in Barcelona,  Jamboree Jazz Club.

Joan Chamorro Plays Dave Pell’s arrangements and more, featuring Joana Casanova.

Joan Chamorro, direction and bass, Joana Casanova, voice and saxophone, Jan Domènech – piano, Carla Motis – guitar
April Saurí – drummer, Víctor Carrascosa, Joan Mar Sauqué, Alba Armengou – trumpets, Joan Codina, Rita Payés – trombones, Joan Martí – alto saxo and tenor, Marçal Perramon – tenor saxophone, Èlia Bastida – tenor sax, Alba Esteban – Baritone saxophone .

Joan Chamorro presents Èlia Bastida


Friday 29 September 20:00 SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre

Joan Chamorro + Èlia bastida

Èlia Bastida, violinist, tenor saxophonist and singer, 6 years old at the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, a person committed to music, to which he devotes most of his time. A refined technique, the result of years of classical work that is part of the classical repertoire of the violin.

Expressive, passionate, creative, curious, surprising, looking for its own way with an instrument like the violin, where the references are much smaller than in other more common instruments in jazz.

Search that leads to open new paths, unconsciously incorporating the challenge of providing something new, unpretentious, but with a long way to explore. In love with bebop and hardbop, but also interested in the origins of jazz, as well as in Brazilian music and, beyond labels, in the music that gives him the opportunity to express himself, to contribute the Its sand dungeon in this world needs beautiful sounds and messages that only music is capable of transmitting.

Èlia Bastida violin, tenor saxophone and voice, Joan Chamorro bass and direction, Ignasi Terraza piano, Josep Traver guitar, Esteve Pi drummer, Andrea Motis trumpet, saxophones and voice, Joan Martí alto saxophone, Marçal Perramon tenor saxophone, Joan Codina trombone, Alba Esteban, baritone sax

Joe Magnarelli & Perico Sambeat Quintet

Friday 29 September 20:00 SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre

Pórtico- Joe Magnarelli & Perico Sambeat Quintet

The American trumpeter Joe Magnarelli and Valencian saxophonist Perico Sambeat, along with his quintet, present us his PÓRTICO CD, with songs composed by the two great musicians.

Joe Magnarelli (trumpet)

Perico Sambeat (alto sax)

Fabio Miano (piano)

Ignasi González (bass)

Andrea Michelutti (drums).


Perico Sambeat

Thursday 28 September 20:30 SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre

Friday 29 September 20:00 SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre
Sunday 1st October 20.30 – FABRA I COATS – FÀBRICA DE CREACIÓ

Perico SambeatThe saxophonist Perico Sambeat is considered one of the great musicians of Spanish jazz. He has earned enormous prestige for his extraordinary professional career, both inside and outside Spain. With more than twenty albums as a leader and more than a hundred as an accompanist, they stand out for their work with great figures like Brad Mehldau, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Tete Montoliu, Michael Brecker, Pat Metheny and a long list of others.


Joe Magnarelli

Thursday September 28 20:30 SAT! SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre

Friday 29 September 20:00 SAT! SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre
Sunday 1 October 20.30- FABRA I COATS – FÀBRICA DE CREACIÓ

Joe MagnarelliEnergetic and passionate, it is considered one of the best trumpeters who has been able to transfer the tradition of bebop to our days.
Formed in the big bands of Lionel Hampton and Buddy Rich, graduated with Toshiko Akiyoshi and a Ph.D. with Tom Harrell, Magnarelli was also a member of Ray Barretto’s sextet and at the same time he built his career as a solo leader.



Juli Aymí & Josep Traver

Saturday September 30th 10.00h – Cafeteria Aromes

960_juli aymi josep traverWine Impressions emerges from some wine tasting sessions in Miravins, the space of the sommelier Carles Mira. After three years of sessions that have combined jazz live, wine and humor, Josep Traver and Juli Aymí have gone to the studio and have recorded this collection of songs in duet with clarinet and guitar. A music inspired by the masters Sidney Bechet, Benny Goodman, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian and others.

Josep Traver – guitar, Juli Aymí – clarinet


Christoph Mallinger

Thursday 28 September 20:30 SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre

Saturday 30th September 12.00h – MATINAL DE SWING Pça. Can Fabra
Saturday 30th September 18.00h – BAR COLOMBIA
Sunday, 1st October 20.30 – FABRA I COATS – FÀBRICA DE CREACIÓ

Christoph Mallinger

Jazz and singing violinist with a language that mixes tradition and modernity. He lives in Austria, where he leads several groups.





Alba Armengou &Joan Chamorro Group featuring Christoph Mallinger

Saturday 30th September 12.00h- MATINAL DE SWING Pça. Can Fabra


Alba is a young trumpet player, saxophonist alto and soprano and singer, with an ample resume and a very original and authentic way of singing. Formed part of the Sant Andreu jazz band for 8 years.

Alba Armengou (voice, trumpet and alto sax), Joan Chamorro (double bass), Carla Motis (guitar), Jan Domenech (piano), Abril Saurí (drums and vocals), Alba Esteban (saxophones and vocals)

FEATURING Crhistopher Mallinger (voice and violin)




Abril Saurí Quartet & Christoph Mallinger

Saturday 30th September 18.00h – BAR COLOMBIA

abril sauri 2

She is member of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band for five years, Abril Saurí besides playing drums and trumpet, sings an original voice and a swing that characterize it.

Abril Saurí (drums and voice)

Carla Motis (guitar)

Andrea Motis (trumpet)

Joan CHamorro (double bass)

Crhistoph Mallinger ( voice & violin )



Ignasi Terraza  

 Presenta nou Cd ‘Sol-IT’ (Swit Records)

Saturday 30th september 19.30h – FABRA I COATS – FÀBRICA DE CREACIÓ

ignasiterraza_sol-it medida 150x150Ignasi Terraza, one of the most outstanding pianists in the state jazz scene, frequently alternates trio appearances or wider formations with solo piano concerts, one of his favorite formats.

In recent years he has presented his work Sol-It in many scenarios of the state and abroad. He recently presented a new work, a tribute to Tete Montoliu, in a piano duet where his elaborate pianism stands out.

“Terraza is an awesome musician contributes today to keep alive the purest jazz tradition. In his way of playing we could always hear the melody of the subject, even during his most daring improvisations, making them more accessible than those of most current pianists. His subtle creativity and his ability to create melodies make his music full of constant surprises. It sounds totally different from that of any other.”  Scott Yanow.

Marc Martín Trio  

Presentació Cd ‘Roaming’ (Swit Records)

Saturday 30th september 20.45 – FABRA I COATS – FÀBRICA DE CREACIÓ

roaming_marcmartintrio_portada_digital_sw22 BAIXA RES

Marc Martín, presents his first work in trio Roaming. He started as a pianist of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, directed by Joan Chamorro, with whom, over 7 years, he has traveled through the main jazz venues in Catalonia and has been able to collaborate with such outstanding musicians as: Dick Oatts, Jesse Davis, Terell Staford or Perico Sambeat.

Inspired by the music of Ignasi Terraza he studies later with him, and is inspired by trios such as those of Oscar Peterson, Monty Alexander, Ahmad Jamal … mixing perfectly the formal precepts of the jazz genre with the freshness and self-expression of his youth, among others. The trio is completed with Juan Pastor on the double bass and Jordi Pallarés on drums.

The repertoire is composed mainly of songs composed by Martín, in a very varied way where he demonstrates imagination and a broad knowledge of the tradition that he plays with a full emotion filled with frankness.

Marc Martín: piano, Juan Pastor: double bass, Jordi Pallarés: drums.

Guillem Arnedo Band & Celeste Alías  

Presentació Cd ‘Let’s sing Oscar Hammerstein II’ (Swit Records)

Saturday 30th september 22.00h – FABRA I COATS – FÀBRICA DE CREACIÓ

guillemarnedo_ohammersteinii_digital_pestana_72_bajaGuillem Arnedo Band & Celeste Alías present their second album ‘Let’s Sing Oscar Hammerstein II’, focusing on songs from his repertoire lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II in his major collaborations with composers and R. Kern J Rodgers.

Songs that are familiar to us always sound here with such brightness and freshness that they seem to have been composed yesterday. The listeners, when listening to them, can end up singing, since the melodic impulse is irresistible. Guillem and company have created a wonderful soundscape: deliciously varied and completely stimulating, in which Celeste galaises both a tender timidity and an energetic determination.

Celeste with Guillem and his band quickly connect with the audience practicing a great swing Jazz.

Celeste Alías- voice, Guillem Arnedo-batería, Jaume Llombart- guitar, Roger Mes-piano, DJ Foster-double bass.


La Màgia de la Veu & Jazz Ensemble

Sunday 1st october 11.00 – MATINAL OF VOICE Pl. Masadas

la_magia_de_la_veu-4_caTwo years after the album, Joan Chamorro presents the Magic of the Voice (Enderrock prize for best jazz cd by popular vote) appears this second volume (the eighth of the series Joan Chamorro presents) dedicated especially to the voice.

On this occasion we will find more instrumental arrangements and the incorporation of four new voices. Andrea Motis and Rita Payés are joined by the voices of politer instrumentalists Èlia Bastida, Alba Armengou, Alba Esteban and Abril Saurí.

With the participation of the usual trio (Ignasi Terraza, Josep Traver and Esteve Pi) as well as four young instrumentalists from the Sant Andreu Jazz Band: Joan Mar Sauqué, Joan Codina, Joan Martí and Marçal Perramon. The band will present a repertoire with arrangements for a small big band, all of them written by Joan Monné, giving a homogeneous sound to the disc, both in the most jazzy subjects and the incursions of Brazilian music.

Joan Chamorro (bass and direction), Andrea Motis (sax, trumpet and voice), Rita Payés (trombone and voice), Alba Armengou (saxophone, trumpet and voice), Alba Esteban (voice, saxophones and clarinet), Èlia Bastida (voice , violin and saxo tenor), Abril Saurí (voice and trumpet), Joan Mar Sauqué (trumpet and trombone), Joan Codina (trombone), Joan Martí (saxophones and flute), Marçal Perramon (clarinet and tenor sax), Josep Traver guitars), Ignasi Terraza (piano), Esteve Pi (drums).

Barcelona Gospel MESSENGERS #10anysdescalços

Sunday 1st october 12.30 MATINAL OF VOICE  Pl.Masadas


MessengersThis year they celebrate 10 years of career with their tour

With his dynamic, happy and contagious direct, Messengers is turning gospel into a phenomenon of masses throughout our country, which roots with a lot of strength in all the musical and vocal fabric of the country.

One of the pioneers in this movement was the pianist and composer Ramon Escalé, who set up several choirs and created the Gospel Network of Catalonia that brings them together under the same musical concept and pedagogical line.

Direction: Ramon Escalé

Andrea Motis presents ‘Emotional Dance’ & Perico Sambeat 

Sunday 1st October 19.00h – FABRA I COATS – FÀBRICA DE CREACIÓ

andrea-motis-emotional-dance-300x300His first solo work, edited by the legendary Impulse! label, was recorded in New York with a band formed by Catalan and American musicians.

On this occasion he will be accompanied by the great saxophonist Perico Sambeat.
Andrea Motis (voice, trumpet and composition), Joan Chamorro (double bass and tenor sax), Ignasi Terraza (piano), Josep Traver (guitar), Esteve Pi (drums). Made: Perico Sambeat (saxophone and