Sant Andreu Jazz Band

The Sant Andreu Jazz Band is a band born in the Sant Andreu district (Barcelona) in 2006 under the direction of Joan Chamorro. Thirteen years of enthusiasm, work and magic results found in 11 works in CD and DVD format, in a film (“A film about kids & music” by director Ramon Tort), and in 11 albums from The collection of “Joan Chamorro presents” and starring some of the young talents that make up the Sant Andreu Jazz Band (Andrea Motis, Eva Fernández, Magalí Datzira, Rita PaYès, Marc Martín, Joan Mar Sauqué , Èlia Bastida and Joan Codina) and the project Màgia de la Veu.

For this band more than 50 young people between 7 and 22 have passed. Thirteen years of enthusiasm, work and an international projection that motivates important national and international musicians to collaborate in the project of these small great artists.
SAXOS: Koldo Munné, Shanti Ming, Nil Galgo, Alba Esteban, Marçal Perramon, Joan Martí, Joana Casanova, Èlia Bastida.
TRUMPETS: Max Munné, Noa Galgo, Martha Vives, Elsa Armengou, Víctor Carrascosa, Alba Armengou, Joan M. Sauqué, Gerard Peñaranda.
TROMBONS: Hugo Vlach, Arnau Sánchez, Max Tato, Joan Codina, Luc Martin.
RITMIC BASE: Simon Palazzi, Ton Felices, Miquel Casanova, Carla Motis, Jan Domènech, Pablo Ruiz.

Jazz Education Stage teachers

from September 5th to 8th, 2019

Profesors Stage -Jazzing 2019

Joan Chamorro

THE PRESENT, TODAY, THE NOW is the only thing we have. That is why we should live it, or try it, with passion, love, respect, honesty, being aware that the way we live it today will change our tomorrow and that our actions have an impact on our environment. Make our life the story we want it to be, because every moment is unique, unrepeatable, like every student, every class, every rehearsal or every concert …
This is his philosophy of life and the way to face teaching. The methodology in the learning of music in children is very important so that they can feel from the first moment that music is part of their lives and that it gives them something positive.
From many parts of the world they ask you to explain my work with the Sant Andreu Jazz Band and I have done so in Stanford, Mexico City, Marciac, Medellin, Vigliano Biellese, Stockholm and many other cities both outside and inside the country .
This is why, within the framework of the Jazzing Festival, the JAZZ EDUCATION STAGE was born. Four days of immersion in our philosophy and methodology, with concerts, jam sessions, debates, classes, paejazzing, lindy hop … We will enjoy wonderful musicians come expressly to share with us their music and their experience.
This first JAZZ EDUCATION STAGE coincides with the sixth edition of the Jazzing Festival and the 13 years of the SANT ANDREU JAZZ BAND.

Scott Hamilton

The saxophonist Scott Hamilton is a vers lliure in the international jazz scene. The former preserves the mainstream tradition of the Ancas 50s and 50 musics with Buck Clayton, Benny Golson and Roy Eldridge. For history there are the records of Scott Hamilton at the same time as the bariton sax Gerry Mulligan, between highlands. He is, of fet, a real live jazz genre.

Joe Magnarelli

Energetic and passionate, he is considered one of the best trumpeters who has managed to move the tradition of bebop today. Trained in the big bands of Lionel Hampton and Buddy Rich, graduated with Toshiko Akiyoshi and doctorate with Tom Harrell, Magnarelli was also a member of Ray Barretto’s sextet and paralyzed • In parallel he built his career as a solo leader..

Fredrik Norén

Director of the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra and principal trumpeter, he has worked with jazz musicians in his country, Sweden, and with international stars such as Natalie Cole, Bob Hope, Ann-Margret and Susana Rinaldi. He works in the promotion of jazz music among young people to the Swedish Jazz Federation and in the promotion and dissemination of jazz in the regions of his country Sweden, with the Regional Music Institute of Västernorrland as Jazz Consulting.

Andrea Motis

His musical maturity far exceeds the expectation of his years. This is because he began to play the trumpet at age seven and three years later he began to study jazz at the San Andrés Municipal School of Music with Joan Chamorro, who recruited it shortly thereafter to be part of it, despite Of being a teenager. While still studying at the school, he was a member of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band for nine years, during which he recorded eight albums and played live with names such as the trombone player Wycliffe Gordon, saxophonist Jesse Davis, clarinetist Bobby Gordon and saxophonist Dick Oatts, among others. Apart from the trumpet, Motis plays the alto saxophone. But he premiered as a singer with the band of Chamorro. “The trumpet has always been my main instrument,” says Motis when asked if he prefers his role as instrumentalist or vocalist. “Playing the trumpet is like meditating for me, it is a very important part of my life. But I don’t want to have to choose just one of my artistic aspects, because I love to play all”.

Èlia Bastida

Elia Bastida, violinist, tenor saxophonist and singer, 6 years old in the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, a person committed to music, to which he devotes most of his time. A technique refined, resulting from years of work of classical works that are part of the classical repertoire of the violin. Expressive, passionate, creative, curious, surprising, looking for its own way with an instrument like the violin, where the references are much smaller than in other more common instruments in jazz.

Joan Mar Sauqué

Trumpeter of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band directed by Joan Chamorro has been playing and recording with some of the most outstanding musicians of the national and international scene such as Perico Sambeat, Toni Belenguer, Victor Correa, Ernesto Aurignac, David Pastor , Ignasi Terraza, Esteve Pi, Josep Traver, Scott Hamilton, Dick Oatts, Scott Robinson, Jon-Erik Kellso, Luigi Grasso, Joel Frahm …

He has also participated with the Original Jazz Orchestra of the Workshop of Musicians, directed by David Pastor; the Big Band of the Liceu, directed by Sergi Vergés; Eva Fernández Sextet; DO Next Generation; The Trip with Quim Lecina; SuperSax 2.0 directed by Roger Mir…

Joan Codina

Joan Codina, the trombonist, has been part of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band since 2012, playing and recording with some of the most important musicians of the national and international scene. 10th Cd protagonist “Joan Chamorro presents …” in 2018 with Joan Chamorro bass and baritone saxophone, Andrea Motis, trumpet and voice, Joan Martí saxophone and flute, Joan Mar Sauqué trumpet, Rita Payés trombone and voice, Marçal Perramon tenor saxophone and clarinet, Alba Armengou, trumpet, guitar Josep Traver, David Mengual bass, Ignasi Terraza piano, April Saurí, drums.


 05 sep 2019 | 21:00h

Gerard Nieto Reunió Three

Gerard Nieto piano, Kike Angulo guitar, Pere Loewe bass


Martí Serra Quartet

Martí Serra Quartet1

Martí Serra tenor sax, Òscar Latorre trumpet, Pau Sala double bass, Josep Cordobés drums.

Irene Reig & The bop Collective

Irene Reig Octet 2

Irene Reig saxo alto, Joan Mar Sauqué trumpet, Héctor Floria tenor sax, Alba Pujals trombone, Miguel Rodríguez piano, Giuseppe Campisi bass, Joan Casares drums, Marta Garrett voice.


  06 sep 2019 | 21:00h 


Quintessence plays Gigi GryceJoan Mar Sauqué (trumpet)
Joan Codina (trombone)
Marc Martín (piano)
Pau Sala (double bass)
Joan Casares (drums)


Joan Chamorro Saxophone Mosaic (Arrangements Joan Monné)

saxophone mosaic

Joan Chamorro baritone saxophone and direction
Alba Esteban saxophone baritone, alto and clarinet
Èlia Bastida, saxo tenor and violin
Joan Martí, saxos alto, sopra and flute
Joana Casanova, alto saxo and voice
Marçal Perramon, tenor saxophone and clarinet
Joan Monné, piano and arrangements
David Xirgu drums
Martin Leiton double bass

Special guests: Dick Oatts (alto sax) Scott Hamilton (tenor sax)


  07 sep 2019 | 21:00h


Joan Chamorro, double bass, baritone sax, clarinet, flute and direction)
Jan Domenech piano
Joana Casanova, tenor saxophone, high voice
Alba Armengou, trumpet and voice
Alba Esteban, baritone sax, alto and clarinet
Èlia Bastida, tenor sax, violin and voice
Joan Marti, tenor sax, alto, sopra and flute
Marçal Perramon, saxo tenor clarinet
Víctor Carrascosa, trumpet
Carla Motis, guitar
Ton Felices, double bass
Miquel Casanova, double bass
David Xirgu drums

Featuring: Scott Hamilton tenor sax

Gabriela Suárez Jazz Singer- Fábrica la Isleta

   07 sep 2019 | 10:00h Aromes Lounge  Café 


Gabriela Suarez voice
José Alberto Medina, piano.(Fabrica la Isleta)
& Marçal Perramon, tenor sax and clarinet

Batlle of the Big Bands special for dancers. Jove Big Band Sedajazz & SAJB & Friends

 08 sep 2019 | 12:00h 

 Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació  Mapa

Jove Big Band Sedajazz

Jove big band Sedajazz

They dared to play with a music that challenged them beyond how to embrace their instruments with their hands. They dared to play with a music that would teach them to walk in a different way and to experience the disconcerting of freedom. In this childhood encounter, in which there were people who played more than they spoke, they sowed the idea that the  Jove Big band of  Sedajazz could raise the imagination to the swing wagon to enjoy together a journey through time . And I feel together that this music consists in listening, sharing, living the illusion of finding your own voice. And they, without filters, in this adventure have always been generous giving us everything they had. They and them, based on the purity of their days, have shown that enjoying and learning was the engine of each essay, and of each new scenario.

During these years, they have breathed the growing music through it, being a brightness of this human nature filled with melodies, and showing that a voice in the encounter of others goes far beyond the sum of the sounds. So, daring to play, to be children musicians, they have created a memory that will always accompany them so that they can listen to the image of their childhood and not lose the certainty that, when you take care of the seed, what always arises surprises. (By Marta Ramón)

Fco. Blanco «Latino» – Direction

Juanito Saus – Alto Sax, Roque Garcia – tenor sax, Xavi Maldonado – Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, Angela Blanc – Flute, and Alto Sax, Blanco Aurora – Soprano Sax and Voice, Nino Villanueva – Trumpet, Jose Luis Rodrigo – Trumpet, Josep Peiró – Trumpet, Oscar Lujan – Trumpet, Laura Martí – Trumpet, Nur El Manchoud – Voice and Trumpet, David Martí – Trombone, Juan Martí – Trombone, Angel Ballester – Trombone, Joan Fernández – Trombone, Albert Climent – Trombone, Eva Serrà – Bass, Bernat Cucarella – Vibraphone, Hugo Barrio – Drums, Mika Gimenez – Piano, Melodic, Amin El Manchoud – Piano, Ximo Reillo – Voice and Drums, Jose Reillo – Washboard


 08 sep 2019 | 19:30h


Direction Joan Chamorro

Arrangements Alfons Carrascosa and Joan Monné


Scott Hamilton tenor sax
Fredrik Norén, trumpet
Joe Magnarelli, trumpet
Dick Oatts, alto sax
Andrea Motis, voice and trumpet